Is alcohol holding you back from living a fulfilling life?

Are you spending a lot of time and energies trying to control your drinking with no success?
You wish you could moderate or cut down on alcohol, but failing to do so?
You know that living an alcohol-free life would be good for you but the only idea of it feels you up with dread?
Are you just sober-curious and like the idea of getting off the booze train for a bit and find out what this new life can give you?

I know exactly what you are feeling because I have been there, and that’s why I want to help you.

My mission is to help people to live a life that is true to their authentic self and find their true sparkle without the crutch of alcohol.

My mission is to support people who have reached a point in their lives where they would like to make some changes when it comes to their drinking habits. There can be multiple reasons for that:

I work with people who:

  • Are sober-curious and would like to moderate or cut-down their alcohol intake because they don’t want to or are not ready to cut off alcohol completely from their lives but are concerned about their wellbeing and mindful drinking is something that would fit more in their lives rather than embrace long-term sobriety
  • Feel that their drinking habit has become a bit problematic and would like to take a short or long-term break from alcohol; maybe they have tried to do so and realised they might do with some extra support
  • Know that they have a problem with drinking, but they haven’t found the kind of support that is right for them or fits with their needs and ideals
  • Have decided that an alcohol-free lifestyle is the best way forward for them but are still feeling like they are missing out on something and might need some extra support in other areas of their lives to feel they are living their life to their full potential
  • Are part of other sober communities but still feel that they would benefit from a 1-to-1 relationship with someone who knows what it feels like to be where they are and can help them unpack and work through the issues that their drinking helped them cope with, because, in the end, they know that their habit was only the tip of the iceberg

I’m truly passionate about what I do and I’m rooting for you.

You might have gone through a very difficult time in your life and found that what was a solution has now become another layer to the problem you wanted to deal with, it has become a coping mechanism which is difficult to stop on your own.

Do any of those scenarios hit home? If they do, don’t worry, you are not alone, and it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a vibrant life waiting for you to happen when you are ready to take the first step.