Ilaria Longo
Sobriety & Mindful
Drinking Coach


Hi, my name is Ilaria Longo and I am a Coach, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and NLP Practitioner specialised in helping people who are struggling or have struggled with alcohol problems. I embarked on this path because I always knew that I wanted a profession where I could support people in making a difference to their lives and doing this falls into place with what living an authentic life truly means to me.

I chose to help people with drinking issues because having had a problematic relationship with alcohol myself, and having experienced the benefits of an alcohol-free life first-hand, inspired me to help people who are going through similar challenges to help them see that there is another way to live, a healthier way to live, a fuller way to live their life and help them become who they are truly meant to be. I believe that we all owe to ourselves the chance to change our lives for the better and re-learn to do this without any crutches, because we all have what it takes.

What living an authentic alcohol-free life means to me:

  • No more hangovers
  • Clarity of mind to pursue what’s really important to me
  • Having full weekends
  • Putting my own mental and physical health first
  • Moments of real happiness and non-chemical induced elation
  • More time on my hands to do things that I really love
  • Space to find and try new activities that I had never done before
  • Be a better friend and a better wife
  • Sticking to my commitments
  • Being able to say “no” and feel good about it
  • Experience all the emotions as they really are, good and bad
  • Finding healthier ways to cope with my problems, because life is still life and problems won’t magically disappear
  • Feeling stronger to deal with anything that life throws at me
  • Be more resilient and confident
  • Believe in myself more and more every day
  • Spending time only with people that I truly like and cherish because my time is precious, and I don’t want to waste any more of it

If this sounds like something you’d like to have more of, please feel free to contact me and take that first step.

I am a certified Personal Development Life Coach, NLP, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.